Disability access audits

We will perform a full access audit of your business practices that includes your marketing, policies and management procedures, as well as the built environment itself.

We will deliver a detailed report that will help you to identify ‘reasonable adjustments’ whilst avoiding unnecessary expenses. We also provide an Operational Toolkit, separately from the main report, that makes it easier for you to implement changes, and a list of reputable providers from which additional equipment can be purchased, if needed, at a reasonable cost.

Inclusive employment and retention

Wideaware can help you recruit and keep disabled employees. We'll advise you on the right language and formats to use in your advertising and recruitment packs, and help you plan the right level of support for your disabled staff.

Planning accessible events

Whether you’re aiming to organise a meeting disabled people need to attend or a large accessible event, we can help you make sure you are as inclusive as possible to everyone. From planning your outreach to catering, from arranging transport to finding an accessible venue, Wideaware consultancy will enable you to successfully organise and execute a great, inclusive event. After we help you with your first event we’ll also give you our complimentary toolkit ‘Organising Accessible Events’ which – through a practical checklist – helps you to keep up the good work independently.

Policy reviews

We undertake comprehensive policy reviews to help you fulfil your obligations under the disability equality duty. We'll review your communication to the general public and employees, and look at your current management procedures. The service includes an implementation toolkit and examples of best practice.

Case study

The Mayor of London's Communications Department needed an extensive review of their Communications Policies. Wideaware provided a one-stop consultancy service, reviewed their existing provisions and advised them on the accessibility of their leaflets and documents aimed at the general public, their website content and design, and how to strategically outreach and include disabled Londoners.

We also advised them on designing and planning accessible events, auditing their Disability Capital and Capital Woman events to ensure access difficulties encountered in the past would be rectified.