House of Commons

The Office of Disability Initiatives (ODI) at the House of Commons needed to ensure that all staff in the Parliament buildings and in MP’s constituencies could make reasonable adjustments for disabled visitors and constituents. Face to face training was not an option for various practical reasons.

The ODI commissioned Wideaware to design and develop an accessible elearning package that would allow staff to practice and develop their inclusive communication skills and ability to make reasonable adjustments. We developed a series of branching scenarios which challenged the learner to provide appropriate assistance to individuals with different impairments that, as in real life, the learner would not necessarily be aware of. Part of each challenge was to offer assistance in an appropriate manner without making assumptions or asking intrusive questions.

The elearning made a positive impact not only at Westminster but also at constituency offices where staff became better equipped to make sure that MP’s surgeries and other meetings were accessible to disabled people.