Ofcom needed to ensure that their team members in customer-facing roles were confident in communicating appropriately with disabled consumers. They were committed to exceeding minimum legal compliance, and aimed to deliver an excellent level of inclusive customer service.

Our approach

Our needs analysis included a questionnaire, completed by over 200 staff, to help us identify existing attitudes towards disability, knowledge about types of reasonable adjustments, and the legal obligations Ofcom has. This enabled us to produce a detailed list of learning objectives. We also developed accurate profiles of the target audience, which helped to establish e-learning as the most effective delivery mode for the training. We researched the learners’ work-place contexts and the time they would reasonably be able to devote to complete the training.

We avoided a ‘one size fits all’ solution and instead developed dedicated units of learning, for team members based on the type of contact they predominantly had with customers (phone, face to face, email). All staff had a number of units available to them, each of which could be completed in under 30 minutes. The content included frequent practice items and realistic decision-making scenarios modelled on the learner’s work role. The units were delivered to Ofcom and deployed on their existing learning management system as SCORM-compliant packages, allowing Ofcom to track the progress and completion for each individual. We also developed unified versions of the units that could be rolled out to the entire work force at a later date (and were).

The results

The training was rolled out to over 800 staff around the country. Pre and post training surveys revealed significant increases, averaging 36%, in a range of indicators designed to measure the ability of learners to provide an inclusive service to disabled consumers.

The training was the best ever training we had implemented at Ofcom and this was backed up with not just the assessment results but feedback from teams.
Pam Shergill, Head of Contact Centre, Ofcom